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Most amazing cutest animal of them all which must not be used in the art of bum fucking
oh that gerbils so cute
by Charli April 21, 2004
the last night of the year,where lots of people come together, get drunk,fuck and usually everyone counts down to some little second,where the year becomes a new year, a new day etc,

a very stupid time to make stupid promises to self,tha is never kept
"lets go get drunk"

"its new years eve"
by charli January 21, 2004
the co writer to the wickedly funny weebl and bob series,lover of pie

the best damn co writer in the whole entire world
skoo is the best co writer in the universe
by charli March 26, 2004
a word used by justin n nelly in tht song Work It
Necket ... Strip it ... Necket ... etc
by Charli February 21, 2004
grilled light snack with losts of butter
would you like a crumpety. Spread or unspread
by Charli April 21, 2004
windows xp: a sucky OS that crashes every 5 minutes,
even more assed up coz it slows down after every installation and after every download,often caused by stupid assed programmers who wrote the stupid program
windows xp, the worst OS since the invention of computers
by charli January 19, 2004
A townie {somebody wearing trakkies that smokes all the time hangs on street corners looking for fights}

What one townie may call another
1. There's some little mush hangin' around outside my house.

2. Orright mush?
by Charli February 21, 2004

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