A big daddy in the sky in whom most people believe, but no one has seen. He's a really nice guy unless you fail to submit to his will and/or doubt his existence, because then he will punish you forever. He's also kind of nazi about who you have sex with. But hey, a buddy is a buddy right?
It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's skydaddy!
by Kristian Z October 26, 2007
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euphemism for god
go cry to your sky daddy
by mongoloid June 04, 2004
A derogitory term for God, coined by Guthrie Devine
"I will pray for you to see the light"

"How about you actually try and provide an arguement to support your possition, instead of asking your magical sky daddy to brainwash me?"
by BrokenEye3 April 08, 2010
Juvenile term used by atheist idiots when referring to God who is fully established in logic and philosophy by use of deductive reasoning, the first cause argument and the scientific principle of causality. No theist believes in a "magical man in the sky" and the concept of the "supreme God" has existed throughout history.
Jimmy the mentally retarded atheist: You believe in a sky daddy!!

Me: Actually I'm a deist so I don't believe in God as a "loving father" and I simply believe in God as deductive reasoning allows, so he is the instigator behind creation and all the mechanisms and systems of the universe including the evolution you worship so much. I'm Christian because I believe in the teachings of Christ who you hate so much. Everything I say has logical grounding unlike atheism which is contrary to causality.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
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