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(noun) an interestingly, trashy individual you cannot take your eyes off of.
Damn, that bitch just got a corona poured on her head, and she's still dancing on that pole. Straight skuzz.
by bET2010 March 28, 2010
n. Anything disgusting or nasty on another object; usually refers to mold, dirt, grease and grime

adj. "skuzzy"
You see how greazy Pablo's hair is? That's one skuzzy motherfucker.

I gotta go get my car washed, it's got mad skuzz all over it.
by EmperorKO February 16, 2003
skuzz is the antecedent to many words such as fucker, guzzler, whacker, butt, and buster. often used in mechanical engineering. skuzz's have a tendency to be selfish. synonyms include: ska, sk!, skamanda, skuzzle, and awhitetrasheddirtypieceofshitwhofucksherdogonaregularbasisanddoesnotlovethecock.

note: skuzz's are never found alone-must have counterpart present at all times to function.
"HAPPY FRIDAY, Skuzz whacker!"
by awtdposwfhdoarbaltc December 09, 2008
Skuzz is an animated character of an underground cartoon that was made by Robert Yulfo, (most known in the youtube community) which whom has also made other cartoons shows like (Donny No Skins) and a cartoon show that was called (Pranx) which most people believe was a Trix parody (
skuzz is hilarious
by razor blades kill babies October 01, 2007
Parksville Gross nasty slimy girls.
www. dailymotion .com/video/xkskmr_skatepark-fight-and-crazy-girls-gone-wild_fun

Perfect example

Skuzz Skuzzy Grose
by SKUZGONEWILD September 14, 2011
Cum, sperm
Mom: thats my sleeping bag
Son: so?
Mom: you can't take it because i dont want your skuzz juice all over it.
by kyla-harlow June 25, 2010
Skuzz/Skuzzin/Skuzzed out-the after felling from drugs; pills,weed,alcohal,shrooms,ect. origin: bay area
last night i poped some pills and woke up straight skuzzin
by dumb April 30, 2007
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