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Skunko is the combination of ska, punk and emo. It represents the vast spectrum of music tastes that teenagers have today. It also represents fashion & all things good
me: man! you got new chucks! They're awesome!
you: yeah, they're totally skunko
by Beth & Natalie December 22, 2004
Some poor form of music. Like, emo should be shot down, punk i got too much against and ska...well...enough said! I like that other one though - damn man, you're totally skunko! I can relate to that one
no, it is not a type of music and/or living!
by Damn opposed! March 01, 2005
A state of extreme inebriation characterized by slurred speech.
"Dat s-stuff gat mee soo skunko"

"My day at work sucked, we need to get skunko tonight"
by iohncurr December 28, 2004

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