Skunk? Yeh Pass it here spa
when smoked enuff and in a proper manor all inhabitions r lost n u eiva laff a lot, or jus sit bak n chill both gd 4 me
by jOe February 01, 2005
A Punk influenced by SkinHead styles of dress and music. A SkinHead with a Mohican.
Baz was always annoyed that his helnet cruhed his mohican when riding his Vespa.
by Mark October 25, 2003
a derrogatory term for arabs
A bunny and a skunk are lost in the wilderness. The bunny says to the skunk "hey we've been lost for such a long time I forgot what I am can you tell me what I am?"

Sure says the skunk "You are a bunny"

The skunk than says " Since I told you what you were you have to tell me what I am since I forgot also"

The bunny than says "Well your black,white and you stink your probably an arab"


Bob: Hey Mike what is that awful skunk smell

Mike: Most likely an arab
by bannanapeelz July 12, 2009
mother of all swears
I saw your girl kissing some fool
Ahh dude you skunk
by Kritch March 18, 2005
a girl with half her hair bleached blonde and the other half a darker colour
man look at that stupid girl's hair, what a skunk hahahaha.
by leo October 06, 2004
when you steal or rip off soem one. basicly take away
FUCK, man he skucked me, shit bro
by big emmanuel from NY March 14, 2004
skunk is the kronic - any smoker with any brain left wont use it in a blunt
by pot October 21, 2003

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