One who is dirty and retarded and yet still acts cocky even though he has no reason to be.
Ross -"Man look at christopher,"
Pete -"Yeah hes a little skunk"

Pete- "Come here you little skunk."

Christopher- Man why are you guys calling me a Skunk?
by Ross\Pete October 10, 2006
Verb. To trick someone. To fool someone. Also another name for a prank. Can be used as a major burn to someone, or just for fun :)
"Dude, you got skunked!" or "Im going to skunk Kyle today"
by LorenaLee June 26, 2006
A Coward who attacks its opponent with out warning and then dissapears.
JOE is a big Skunk. He shot homeboy tito from the back.
by FTW Cartel October 21, 2003
A person who is a skank, but also smells really bad.
Man 1: "Hey guess who I met last night."
Man 2: "...That one skunky chick?"
by Jeric S February 08, 2009
1. To be overwhelmingly defeated.

2. To lose without scoring any points against the opposing person or team.
Johnny got "skunked" at bumper pool last night and had to order the whole room a pizza as a result.
by Roskalnikov September 10, 2008
To skeet a straight line up the back of your bitch
I always pull the skunk
by typsit August 29, 2005
Skunk is a mix between thrash punk(minor threat) and ska/raggae roots... Bands like Against All Authority
"Im gonna hit up a skunk concert tonight. Wanna come?"
by fallinghalo May 29, 2005
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