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To throw an object hard.

Used heavily in Cumbria (North West), UK
Lets skop a stone at that window
by Replicarter April 27, 2005
80 15
Used to describe fake-macedonians AKA people who attempt to be like the real macedonians (greeks). It comes from the craphole skopjia town for which they recieve there name
" Fuck off you dirty skop macedonia is greek "
by Georgieeeeeeeeeos September 01, 2007
34 23
A large raucous drinking fest or party.
This word orginated in Cape Town, South Africa
Poodle: Yo Poefies are we having a skop this weekend in hermanus?
Poefies: Ya know def real.
by Byron The Bomb September 16, 2006
7 2
Any alcoholic drink. Originally used to refer to vodka, but has since been used to describe any alcoholic drink.
Let's go out for some skop.
by anonymous August 16, 2003
1 2