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To throw an object hard.

Used heavily in Cumbria (North West), UK
Lets skop a stone at that window
by Replicarter April 27, 2005
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Used to describe fake-macedonians AKA people who attempt to be like the real macedonians (greeks). It comes from the craphole skopjia town for which they recieve there name
" Fuck off you dirty skop macedonia is greek "
by Georgieeeeeeeeeos September 01, 2007
A large raucous drinking fest or party.
This word orginated in Cape Town, South Africa
Poodle: Yo Poefies are we having a skop this weekend in hermanus?
Poefies: Ya know def real.
by Byron The Bomb September 16, 2006
Any alcoholic drink. Originally used to refer to vodka, but has since been used to describe any alcoholic drink.
Let's go out for some skop.
by Anonymous August 16, 2003

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