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A humorous rendition of the capital city of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (also known as the Republic of Macedonia).

It stems from the actual spelling:

SKOPJE (pron: Skop-YEH)

And the fact that many non-Slavs have difficulty pronouncing the later "JE" element of the name.
This rendition instead pronounces the "JE" as JAY, since it almost looks out of place when spelt in English.
Yeah man I'm going to Skop-jay!

Skop-jay all the way!

Nah shes not Maco shes from Skop-jay
by fano March 31, 2005
Derogative term.
Derived from the way a Greek may call someone an Arhidi (a testicle).

Place of origin: N Melbourne (Aust)
You're such a test!

Hey there goes that test again.

by fano March 31, 2005
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