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When a female ejaculates. An antonymn to skeet.
I rocked this girl so hard that she skooted all over my bed.
by joshandrich March 19, 2004
Skoot is the female equivalent of skeet. Or loosely applied it is the rough equivalent of female discharge.
1. "When she skooted in ecstasy she cried "MORE MORE MORE"."

2. "Omg brenda this infection is causing my vagina to release skoot all over my new satin panties... is cheesy, bloody, and frothy discharge normal?"
by JaegerXmeister April 13, 2010
skitter, bubbleguts,
that beotch has got the skoots
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
The movement of a dog while rubbing or scratching its anus across the floor or carpet. Used as a derogatory slang.
Oh, yeah. I know who you're talking about. That guy is such a skoot.
by jason bancroft March 26, 2008
pronounced "scout" where the 'ou' is pronounced as 'oo' as heard in "poof"

A word meaning fart, or to fart, -farting.
"Dude your skoot stinks like your dogs face"
by tone471 July 12, 2006
Noun. To loan a person money or goods without questions or terms.

Origin unknown
Hey Cuban, I'm out of smokes. How bout some skoots?
by Monkey September 23, 2004
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