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to shuffle over and stuff with the stuff and crap and all that and stuff.
hey skooch over and make some room so i can sit down.
by shitakymushrooms March 20, 2006
1. A bothersome or nagging person.
2. To nag or consistently bother a person
1. He keeps calling me. He's being a total skooch.
2. Sorry to keep skooching, but I really need my Madness CD.
by mangajunky July 18, 2006
Skanky Hooch
That skooch, Vanessa Hudgens, shouldn't be on disney channel.
by JohnMayersBabyMama September 12, 2011
skooch - Rubbing ones bottom along the floor. Usually a carpet.
skooch - Most likely to be performed by a dog with an itchy bum.
by Tweets0321 July 25, 2012
To be a royal pain in the ass, especially a moocher skooch. The whining beggar always trying to borrow money and using your shit. Even after you say no, keeps dogging you.
This mutt won't quit! My room mate is such a complete nuisance. I said buy your own damn shit man. Quit mooching you skooch. Here he comes now.
by Charlie's girl September 04, 2009
1. A nick-name derived from the phrase "Hey, scootch over."
2. A girl who lives in the middle of no-where who is trying to get through four years of high school hell while battling the make-up covered preps, dictator seniors, and the tight grading teachers.
3. A teenage girl on the math team who loves a boy who she can't have
4. A mixed stereotype consiting of punk, goth, and emo who will kick your ass if you stricly classify her under one of those instead of all three and who "Doesn't give a damn about her bad reputaion".
Skooch said she wasn't going to your house today.

by Jess (a,k.a. The Skooch) December 06, 2006
To make a rather loud and unpleasant sound, often produced by skidding or scraping on one's gooch.
Ouch i just caned myself skooching!
by Josh Godley September 23, 2004
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