The painful splash of hot grease.
Don't let the bacon grease skite on you while cooking breakfast.
by Kev. December 25, 2005
Top Definition
To consume a lot of alcochol whilst on a night out.
"Who is coming out on the skite tonight?"

"Snakeus is skited off his tits!"

"Tonight we will be skiting it hard"

"All aboard the Skite Train, last stop Skiteville!"
by Daniel Hunter August 02, 2006
n. a boastful person
v. to boast
(apparently used mainly/only here in Australia/NZ).
John's been skiting about his new car - that guy is such a big skite!
by Eagle_Kiwi July 30, 2005
To slide in an uncontrolled fashion
He skited across the wet floor and landed on his arse.
by wanderer September 11, 2003
Skite may mean getting drunk (esp in NZ) but it also means to throw or squirt liquid:
Skyde, skyte, skite (v) = to splash or squirt liquid, to slip (as on ice).
Skide (v) = to slide
Shite (n) = Shit
See the online Scots Dictionary for any of these (or other) words:

The root of the word is northern European: O.N. skyt-, the stem of skjóta, to shoot, propel, dart, Norw. skyte , Dan. skyde, to shoot.
An event referred to as a "Skite Night" took place once a year among St Andrews University students in 1961. Informally organised - not an official student event. It was banned around 1961 or 1962 after the disorderly events caused local upset.

During a skite night the main activity was running around wildly throwing flour and water at each other. Naturally the streets became messed up. However, "Skite Night" must have been revived and still goes in St A see the third link above.
by peatinnfife October 13, 2009
N. A show-off, braggart, also v.i
He/she is a skite. The word has been used in Australasia, considered slang, for perhaps a hundred years.

he skited about winning the race.
by Andrew H Johnston July 22, 2005
the spray/splash of a liquid onto a surface, as when opening a carbonated can or when urinating.
Ben's shaken Bud skited onto Bob when he popped the top.


Ben skited all over the toilet seat while urinating the six-pack he had pounded.
by jerry March 24, 2004
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