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Someone who's not all there.
That guy's nae real, he's wired to the moon
by wanderer September 11, 2003
a sad loner, an anorak
See you, you're a right naepals
by wanderer September 11, 2003
an idiot, usually a dangerous one.
Watch what yer daein wi that saw, ya bamheid!
by wanderer October 02, 2003
To slide in an uncontrolled fashion
He skited across the wet floor and landed on his arse.
by wanderer September 11, 2003
to wreck, or destroy
He banjo'd his motor when he hit the tree on the bend
by wanderer September 11, 2003
A group of guys and girls who have too much money (from there parents, family etc) and think they are god's greatest gift. The money has come into their families in the last generation or so and they don't know how to spend it. So they follow each other's lead. They are known to flash their money in a "common" and obvious way. They generally wear von dutch if they are guys and juicy clothes if they're girls. They can't live without fake tan. They're mothers have botox and drive porsche 4x4. Basically, they're 'posh chavs'. They are known to be stupid and snobbish, they are liked by no one but others like them.
'OMG, OMG, OMG, did you see Emily, she was like wearing all black to evolution'
'She is such a like freak, has she like never heard of Harvey Nicks or ghds'
'FREAK! FREAK!' *hair flicking*
by Wanderer June 02, 2005
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