Sneaking up on a person and coming on their face.
Charlize flipped out when she caught me skitching on her.
by Wyatt December 30, 2003
Top Definition
(1) the act of being pulled by a vehicle (car, truck, tractor, etc.) while either riding on a skateboard, skates, bicycle, handcart, etc.

(2) the act of being dragged from the rear bumper of a vehicle during winter months when there is a lot of snow present. Children do this by waiting at stop signs to grab onto unsuspecting cars while they stop and being dragged while sliding their feet on the snow.
So, I slammed on my breaks when I saw the kid skitching on my bumper and he slid right under the car.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
The act of being pulled by a mechanized conveyance(car, truck, tractor, etc) while operating a non-mechanized conveyance (skateboard, skates, bicycle, handcart, etc). Extremely dangerous but a lot of fun, as you get going wicked fast.
That dick Jerry wouldn't give us a ride in his new car, so we grabbed on to his spoiler and skitched about three blocks
by dasmb September 03, 2003
The act of taking someone out mentally physically emotionally or socially be careful planning and observation. Closely related to the term "skitch" (skanky bitch, skank bitch). Skitch can be male or female...usually when going "skitching" one would experience stalking,sabotage..ect. *Skitching is carried out in steps/stages, solution times can vary.*
Dana: "UGH. That girl is such a skitch!"
Macy: "Yeah, he could so much better than that skitch."
Dana: "I think it's time we go skitching."
Macy: "Yes, let's follow them to their lockers for stage one.:
by CeeDeeBee14 December 02, 2011
This is the act of removing both of your feet form the pegs of a moving motorcycle and placing them both on either side of the bike or behind the bike. If you have metal sliders on the bottoms of your boots, sparks will fly form the backs of them.
This was demonstrated in the movie BikerBoyz, and the upcoming film Torque.
by YamahaBoy January 18, 2004
Being under the influence of Meth. Usually after being up for a couple days and probably paranoid.
def: Me and Todd were skitching around in the middle of the night and were trying to keep ahead of policeman that weren't really there.
by Charlie S April 23, 2006
The awkwardly choreographed post-sex humping crab-walk toward the Kleenex so as to prevent an early pull out and semen leaking out all over the bed/couch/kitchen table/boss' desk etc.
John and Marsha were skitching towards the Kleenex when the Mayor walked in and saw them sprawled across his desk.
by Climbing Gimp July 13, 2016
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