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The act of being pulled by a mechanized conveyance(car, truck, tractor, etc) while operating a non-mechanized conveyance (skateboard, skates, bicycle, handcart, etc). Extremely dangerous but a lot of fun, as you get going wicked fast.
That dick Jerry wouldn't give us a ride in his new car, so we grabbed on to his spoiler and skitched about three blocks
by dasmb September 03, 2003
As explained and summarily down-thumbed in the entry for 120 (don't you love the editorial power of inifinite monkeys?), "120" is a numerical acronym symbolizing religion, with specific reference to peace of mind acquired through respect of a diety but conspicuously without awknowledgement of any particular sect.

120's, therefore, are any quantity of religious nouns, and are highly contextual. The term is commonly used to reference religious lessons, religions texts and spiritual moments. Furthermore, among faiths which engage in ritualistic cannibus consumption as a means of altering perception, 120's may refer to marijuana cigarettes.

It has nothing to do with guns.
From a sketch on disc 2 of "Wu-Tang Forever:"

"Yo, I'm studying 120's right now. Call me back at the god hour."

by dasmb April 03, 2006
1) A mythical island off the coast of Japan which is home of Godzilla.

2) The island of Manhatten.
1) "Our instruments show evidence of seismic activity on Monster Island!"

2) "Gonna be stomping Monster Island on the 16th, you down?"
by dasmb January 17, 2005
1) The low end "economy" models in the Mercedes Benz automotive lineup.

2) Attempting to give the appearance of power, wealth and success by attaining the least expensive symbols of status. Not necessarily broke, but still posing anyway.

3) Suburban chic.
He took me to the four season, then asked me to order a salad. He's strictly c-class.
by dasmb May 23, 2003
To take shorts is to take shortcuts...to try and make it in an industry by appealing to authority figures without first receiving respect among your peers.
We gotta walk not crawl or else take a fall /
What used to be just hopes and thoughts /
are now in effect, and we can't take shorts. (Big Daddy Kane, "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now")
by dasmb June 11, 2004
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