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what you put over your head when doing a housecall (hole for the eyes, nose, and mouth)
by dakarai April 04, 2003
What happens when you give someone a facial that goes around both eyes and the mouth
I shot it on her face, but she could still see because I gave her a ski mask.
by Mr Pokey January 10, 2005
When a man places his underwear over his partners head and then receives oral sex through the slit in the front of the underwear.
That girl last night blew me but she was really ugly so I gave her a ski mask so I wouldn't have to look at her
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010
Internet Def: Name made for Crackers, wannabe Crackers and Phreaks who don't want their real identity to be discovered.

Real Life: A piece of clothing worn by anyone who doesn't want their identity to be revealed.
Internet Def:
FuckingDumass: "What kind of a name is Skimask?
Skimask: "Say goodbye to your computer asshole"
FuckingDumass: "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! WHAT IS ERROR 3546374637? NOOOOOO!!!"

Real Life Def:
Mugger: "Hand the money over or the bitch gets it!"
Guy: "Kill the bitch if you want but Where did you get that fine Skimask?"
Mugger: "K-mart, got it half off on a sale"
by Skimask619 August 15, 2009
verb - meaning to cause bodily harm to someone, IE: hit, urk, kick, stab, cut, etc.
if candace, jackie, and lizzy don't start using my made up verb more often, i will skimask them while they sleep.
by mikeysbiotch May 03, 2010
worn by makes who lurk in alleys, looking for rape victims. Can also be worn while looting the white mans house.
"check out this new skimask i got"
"is that blood on it?"
"and some semen."
by whoananasimsimma July 12, 2006
When you blow a load on a woman's face and take her hair and swing it onto her face, sticking to the load.
"I gave Gwen a Ski Mask last night after she robbed my virginity."
by Skeet Raptor February 18, 2014
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