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can be considered as doors to the pussy and cover it
I spread her pussy lips and ate that thang
by dakarai April 04, 2003
driving while black such as obeying all traffic laws and getting pulled over by the 5-0 regardless
person 1:I got pulled over on the way here.
person 2:For what?
person 1: DWB
by dakarai April 04, 2003
what you put over your head when doing a housecall (hole for the eyes, nose, and mouth)
by dakarai April 04, 2003
a robbery of the home commited by a group of people when no one is home
Watch the housecall boy
by dakarai April 04, 2003
The people who find it amusing to exercise their power and opress the black man by arresting him for DWB and doing nothing at all such as walking down the street minding his own buisiness
by dakarai April 04, 2003
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