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The Orca, or "Killer Whale" is a sea mammal in the same family as dolphins, porpoises, and the other whales. There are at least three distinct subspecies that do not interbreed. One stays near the coast and hunts other mammals, such as sea lions. Another coastal subspecies primarily hunts fish like salmon. A third, much less documented species spends the majority of its time offshore. All orca subspecies are threatened by human development and overharvesting of the orca food sources.
Visitors to the pacific northwest often take whalewatching tours in the hopes of seeing an orca pod breach the surface.
by Maurs June 29, 2006
"463" is the scorekeeping for a double play in baseball that goes from the second baseman to the shortstop to the first baseman. Also the name of a single by hip hop artist Buck 65, a former baseball player.
463, can't think of a better way to end the day.
by Maurs January 09, 2007
In the video game series Tribes; an advanced technique allowing expeditious movement down slopes by bunnyhopping.
The flag carrier skied away from our base faster than the heavy-armor defenders could catch him
by Maurs January 31, 2005

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