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a computer modelling tool that is successfully destroying the design process. in a few years our cities will be full of crappy extruded shapes. architecture students find this tool useful as it has allows the user to posess no real skill in designing.
sketchup is the present and the future of bad architecture.
oh yeah its a sketchup model, i dont want it to look like one though so ill render it in v-ray or overdraw it
yeah, sounds good. why don't you use one of the 'sketchy effects' instead. EVEN less work!!!
by pary pary February 11, 2010
A versatile tool released by Google for architects, designers, game developers and more. It is very useful for those who can use it.

The unfortunate thing is, that people nowadays just make a square of random shapes of random sizes, extrude it, cut off the top, slap a couple of windows in and a door from the 3d warehouse and call themselves a "designer" by making something that does not even resemble a room, in addition to the fact that they can't do jack shite in design outside Sketchup.

The situation has become so bad that actual designers with a brain either don't use Sketchup at all or spend hundreds of dollars on rendering software to make their work look like it hasn't been done by a 10 year old.

Overall, Sketchup does a bit more harm to the design industry than good.
Typical Sketchup "designer": I made a house on Sketchup. I'm a better architect than you, dickhead!

Me: No you did not make a house. All you did was an extruded cube plastered with windows on sides from the 3d warehouse. Maybe you could try aligning the windows to make it look less like a piece of shite. Pretentious guy is pretentious.
by bangbanghahahahahahahaha June 07, 2010
A term used to refer to a sketchy situation or person while also relating to design.
Me: "Oh my gosh, that girl totally plagiarized her project."
Caroline: "That's so sketchup."
by sketchbetch November 06, 2013
1) sketchup is when a sketchy guy chats you up

2) a situation in which something happens that makes a sketchy situation sketchier. as in, the situation was sketched up
1) "hey girl sorry i was up in your grill dancing and taking pictures without your permission last night "yeah man you were hella sketchup"

2) "that creeper that came to the party late last night made it totally sketchup.
by Tequilabees March 22, 2009
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