1. an awkward landing on a skateboard in which a person's feet touch the ground in someway, or they wooble and shake about after landing.
2. used to describe anyone who is weird or does something really stupid.
1. Yeah man i saw the footage of your kick-flip temple 12, you should do it again that one was kind of sketch.

2. Dude, you are so sketch.
by Chris Thorpe February 20, 2004
the debris left scattered around your house after a smokin session...bits of rizla, ripped fag buts, roach material...
shit, get rid of the sketch man, someone`s coming ...
by cdg May 11, 2003
A person, usually going by the name Dave Langstaff, who produces extraordinarily large quantities of sketchdom and sketcholiticalities throughout his surroundings.
"It was just me, Sol, Rob and Sketch."
"Who's Sketch?"
by deemer December 04, 2006
a shady character, usually female, describing her and prominscuous activity....... aka. SLUT, WHORE, HO. etc.
that sketch better not lay a damn finger on my fucking man.
by Sue April 23, 2005
To push someone out of a circle; or to force somone out of a line of walking friends.nerda dirda
Guy #1: Hey man why you sketching me?
Guy #2: Sorry dude (*opens the circle back up to him).
by Nathanias Dirdias (the 16th) February 23, 2006
sketch-of or relating to something sketchy.
WILL is a sketch because his girlfriend is from japan but he lives in the states. also he is a sketch and he brings some of the most random stuff to school.
by fishingforfreddy April 30, 2005
mainly used in an art lesson. replaces the inadiquite word 'safe'
for example,
"man dat painting is bare sketch"
by idontlikeartreally May 17, 2005
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