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A hoe, whore, slut, or any college girl.
This term is generally used around your buddies when your describing a girl but can be used to call your girlfriends over or to address a huge slut.
Man that skeeza was sucking my dick just yesterday
by ninjasmooshr May 02, 2006
Trifflin ass hoe that needs to save the drama for dey mama!
"Damn, MB sure is one big skeeza!", "This town sure is full of skeezas." " Where Dave at??? Ohhh he back there with some skeeza."
by mikerotch05 January 27, 2009
slut, whore, hoe, nasty girl who sleeps around with EVERYONE :)
brittany is a BIG skeeza.
by anonymousRIP October 09, 2007
a promiscuous or unintelligent female
Look at that bitch right there, she's a skeeza
by sherockadon'tstoppa October 06, 2005
Also known as a cunt, hoe, whore, slut and may also have gonasyfilaids. Best words to describe a skeeza is Kayla Lacombe!
Wow what a skeeza she gave head to everyone at her birthday party happy birthday Kayla.
by kayla's #1 fan =) January 23, 2008
A big dirty hoe who likes big juicy cock.
Pimp: Where do you want to eat.

Skeeza: Let's go to KFC!!!!!
by B.Pope March 16, 2007
a hoe
one of my teachers is a skeeza
by anthony kennedy April 29, 2009