when someone sells you less than what you've paid for. Usually used when referring to drugs.
Man, I'm pissed that he skeeted me on that gram.
by thisonebitchyoureallydontknow February 10, 2013
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Something that only Macklemore does and only Macklemore can do. Nobody knows what it is. The only information that has been realeased is in the song "And We Danced"
Nadia: Wow! Macklemore just skeeted all over the place.
Jacob: Macklemore is SO FUCKING AWESOME!
by alright i skeeted November 23, 2010
A term that refers to a male releasing his sperm by means of ejaculation.
Sorry, I think I just skeeted in your hair.
by TheK8ness November 13, 2005
to be extremley intoxicated on cocaine.
Damn. Those 10 lines got me really skeeted
by cody December 02, 2004
To be "Tweeked" out on cocaine. The place you want to be when doing coke.
That last line set me off man; I'm skeeted!
by sinn0304 September 08, 2006
the feeling of being high from cocaine
that cocaine made me skeeted
by joann spagnuolo December 20, 2005
A ritual performed by the Azukeelah Tribe in Tanzania in Africa. Skeeted is the past tense of the word skeet. It involved the male pulling out his penis before ejaculation and cumming on the females face to prevent pregnancy.
I skeeted on that bitches face last night.
by GreenSmurf June 21, 2009

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