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A white rapper from Seattle who actually raps about something that means something. Not like all the other 'rappers' who think that sex, drugs, and money will really have people respect them. Macklemore often collabs with Ryan Lewis and is generally a well known mc in the West, and anyone who meets him is a lucky son of a bitch.
John: dude I just met Macklemore yesterday!!

Britt: no way, how come you didn't take me with you! now I have to wait till he comes back to town! You lucky sob.
by Kendeeeeeeezille April 10, 2011
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Local Seattle rap/hip-hop artist who has strong democratic views.
Ronny: Yo man, you hear that new single Macklemore just put out?
Derryle: Yee man it was awesome!
by hummerhorizon September 12, 2010
The only guy who has songs where the white guy raps and the black guy sings
John: Hey did you hear the new Macklemore song?
Bob: Yeah! It is so weird how the black guy sings and the white guy raps!
by Blue Eyed Surfer May 06, 2013
A modern day Vanilla Ice who wears tank tops and fur coats and raps about being gay.
"I love Macklemore. He's so talented."

"No he's not. Macklemore was created by a gay record company executive with the sole intent to steal Grammys from black people."
by Extra Mayo February 16, 2014
He's a rapper, in cohorts with Ryan Lewis. However, unlike the stereotypical rap "music" that is popular today, he actually makes music. Real music, for music is meant to entertain, yes, but it's also meant to make you feel something.

He talks about things that are important, but many don't want to speak of or are uncomfortable about. For example, he has written a song about equal rights for all ("Same Love,") he has written a song about the horrors of addiction ("Otherside," "Neon Cathedral,") he has written songs about never giving up and going for your dreams ("Can't Hold Us," "Ten Thousand Hours," "Wing$,") and about how the music industry has become a bit rotten nowadays ("Jimmy Iovine.") Yes, he has also written songs that could be considered normal rap (kinda of...) like "Thrift Shop," "Castle," "White Walls," "Thin Line," and more. But that doesn't matter, because not all of his songs are like that(:
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are one of my favorite music artists.

They're great(:
Person 1: "Hey, you hear that rapper on the radio yesterday, homebrotha?"
Person 2: "Oh, yeah, that was Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! Their rap actually means something, doesn't it!?!"
Person 1: "Yeah, man, they're da bomb!"
by TheKingdomOfRetards May 26, 2013
Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) is a underated white rapper from Seattle. He has strong views and raps about them. He raps mostly about same love, himself, gay marriage, drug abuse though he has typical rap songs as well. Works with a under rated producer called Ryan lewis who has remarkable talent. Both of them have amazing outstanding talent, yet are both under rated.
Person: Hey you heard about Macklemore?
Friend: Oh yeah I heard Thrift Shop, hes so cool... and hes white!
Person: Listen to his other songs, they're awesome
Friend: Wow I love him ,he should be more popular! I love Ryan's beats too!
by macklemoreismybabe July 11, 2013
They are the people who sing the widley known song, thrift Shop, they also wear your grandad's clothes and look incredible accordiing to the lyrics in the song thrift shop. So next time you see someone looking like your grandad, its macklemore
Thrift shop is a song by macklemore , go onto you tube, and find it with lyrics, you will see that it goes 'I wear your grandads clother, I look incredible'
by kingaloves1d February 12, 2013
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