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To perform an illegal and dangerous act of taxiing vehicles, past-time/sport/activity originating from the city of Chicago.

It is performed by being hidden from sight at a stop sign and as a vehicle starts to take off, while ducking down below the back window, one runs up behind the vehicle and takes hold of it's rear bumper, squats down and skiis to or near their destination, where they release the bumper and walk or grab the next taxi. You wait until the vehicle starts to take off so that the vehicle can gain momentum and not be weighed down at the start.

A master skeetcher is one who has never been spotted or noticed by the driver or passengers until parting from the vehicle. They can take hold of the bumper without sound or movement on the vehicle and never fall off or get hung up on a bumper. They are light, but firm on their feet and can own the same pair of shoes for years, without wearing the soles down. They also have saved one or many of their friends from injury caused by losing grip of a bumper and can switch places without fear of losing grip him/herself.
Plenty of kids were injured over the years by assholes who intentionally fishtailed toward poles and signs while kids were skeetching their rear bumpers.

It was a fun thing for us to do through the 70s and 80s and I feel for the kids who can't play like we did, due to the rising population of sadistic individuals, who hide behind the mask that they're something tough, because they're angry they weren't sexually abused a by family members while growing up.
by strEt-Ys December 11, 2010
Slang, cocaine or probably crack carried by Mules in their rectum
After smoking a eight ball of skeetch Roxy quickly took to bending over.
by F. Flintstone March 31, 2003
Verb: A rambling speech during sex by the partner on bottom. Occurs during sexual intercourse, when the person on top is utterly horrible and cannot maintain the attention of their partner, and the one on bottom begins to randomly babble about non-related information. Tends to serve as a notice of disinterest to the mediocre partner.
Bob cannot pleasure Betty, who is laying on the bed, unentertained. Bob tries his hardest to pleasure Betty, who yawns and begins to recite "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. Bob thus caused Betty to skeetch.
by scaswell July 25, 2007
To take something of petty value that cannot be prosecuted by law. Usually while on a camping expedition.
Go Skeetch some firewood from those campers over there.
by Lincoln Logz February 29, 2008
Generally Imported Columbian Cocaine,can be cut with crystal methanphetamine. Generally this word is used in a circle of those who smuggle or deal cocaine. Mules generally carry skeetch inside their rectums.
The lost coke fiend turned to muleing coke for Storm so that she could get some skeetch in return.
Roxy let Stormie loosen her anal canal with his stretched out 10" cock so that she could carry 2 keys instead of one, thus growing his profit margin by 100%
Roxy let TC and Storm double fuck her anus in return for some Meth.
A Cranksters delusion of reality, calling Meth cocaine.
by Roxies Daddy April 03, 2003
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