Skin Jeans. Jeans that are crazy tight.
Jon: "Nice skeens, fag."

Me: "I know you like the shape of my thighs, homosaurus."
by Matt Honcho June 09, 2009
means ok or i see. used by young children or total g's (gangsters)
i hate her so much.


she said he dumped her because she was to clingy.
oo skeen.
by Feeeeeeeee. April 15, 2009
I see or Alright or Got it
British Ganster: kl kl
British gangster:Ya men lik a nerd
American: YES
British Gangster: Skeen Skeen
British gangster: Bt nah
by Keith139 October 20, 2008
Used to get out of a social problem or something so obvious.
Person 1:Did you know that Obama is the first balck president of America!
Person 2:Skeen everyone knows that!
by epsondx4050 April 08, 2009
it is another name for ok then.
ok then
Selena: What is that?
David: My new mobile phone.
Selena: Your new mobile fone is candy. Skeen
by L(dot)HypahStah March 17, 2009
Means the same as safe, yes, alright
You good mate?
Yeah skeen blud


Thats skeen mate
by Ipswich HXC July 02, 2009
skeen means .. cool . good . safe. hello
lydia: safe
izzy: skeenn skeen
jemma:what does that meann?? !!
by lydiaa April 27, 2008

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