V. Get outta my face or I don't wanna hear it. Bascially its like putting " the hand' in someones face using words.
Or it could be like calling someone a fruad.

Paul: YO I got with ayla today...
Dave: SKEEN!!

by Heatwave565 September 24, 2007
A word firstly established in Birmingham, but rude boys from London are blagging they made up the word.
Rudeboy 1: "what ya doing?"
Rudeboy 2: "nothing blood!"
Rudeboy 1: "oh, skeen!"
by mk gal x April 06, 2006
A woman with little or no breasts.
Person 1: man that girls is fitt
Person 2: I know bro but she's skeen
by p.restonn March 31, 2015
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