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it means alright or 'iite' as some people mite say

but it can varify into diffent means like 'ok'
Boy1:i saw some buff gyal today
by sbwild88 October 03, 2009
usaually used when someone says or does something rididcoulous and it is as if to say ok whatever or you keep on doing that you fool
black guy: i get all the white girls
white girl: skeen
by young bless May 05, 2011
It means like ok den
1) Jada:DatGirlSedYOurUgly

Jaden: Skeen

by MEeeBiatchh April 17, 2009
1) Understood or I see.

2) Whatever, I don't care so get lost.
1) Bob: I fingered ma hot gash last night
Mike: Skeen.

2) Bob: Haha look at you! Your such a wasteman!
Mike: Skeen
by Loser Boozer November 10, 2007
It is anonther way of kissing your teeth. So if someone cussed you, you may reply skeen!
by Tu4x July 28, 2011
1. Another way of saying seen, basically meaning "i see" or "oh right"

2. If someone says something contreversial or something you don't agree with, you say it in a disgusted tone.
Person one: wuu2?
Person two: nm, jammin, you?
Person one: nm, babysitting, my rents gone out so i gotta look after my sister
person two: skeen

Person one: i heard you were flirting with that girl
person two: skeeen, she was flirting with me!
by Alalalalalalalalalalalla March 08, 2009
The concept of understanding someone, usually after mishearing or not understanding something. A phrase to inform the speaker that his audience understands what he/she just said.
Baffed Guy- "What did ya say?"
Any next man off the street- "I said have you done your science homework?"
Baffed Guy (that is no longer baffed)- "Oh skeen."
by DIRKHEAD...WASTEMAN...PUMPLEX November 08, 2007