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To have resorted to having sex with a skank after exhausting all resources.
Dude, none of my honeys were down, so I had to get skanked!
by A. A. Ron May 08, 2005
being both "stoned" and "tanked" at the same time.
I drank a few beers and smoked a joint and I was "skanked"
by nora cheesecake July 03, 2005
to have danced "skank" in a past tense
last week i skanked my ass off
by Natalie b April 13, 2004
To insult someone when usualy when they are walking down the road and the skanker is in a car.
I was walking home from the bar when someone called me a ball licker. He skanked me for no reason
by p July 01, 2003
A look from a female which is comprised of raising one eye brow and tilting her head so that one eye is closer to you and grimace
I walked into my married friend’s house and said, "Let’s go find some ladies." Needless to say my friend’s wife skanked me.
by Ben Phillips February 04, 2005