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a nasty ass female that sleeps with anything male for drugs, money, or popularity.
ex 1. -- Kelly wanted another dime bag to snort so she blew her dealer.

ex 2. -- man that bitch sleeps with every guy at school
by Maxwell K. Davison March 25, 2003
Fugly ass bitches who most likely have at least 4 stds and will fuck any semi living thing taht will take her/him. SHould be avoided at all cost.
Erica is an fugly skank ho, EW.
by suckassbeotch September 26, 2006
Nasty ass diseased bitches who will fuck anything with a dick or pussy to get what they want.
(Even complete strangers)
1. Missy wanted a raise at her work, so she fucked her boss in his office.

2. Missy wanted some free drinks at the local bar, so she blew and fucked a complete stranger
in the parking lot. (Only got two drinks. lol what a SKANK HO)
by the murff June 24, 2010
one who "gets around", is worse than a skank, but does not meet the qualifications to be a slut.
Girl, get yo skank-ho mamma off my dog!
by tw+lb May 04, 2003
common name used to describe one's ex-girl.
My skank ho ex has more aids than the entire contenent of africa
by Rammsteinick January 16, 2005
1-A person who is neither a skank nor a ho, but who is acting in a manner that one would describe as agitating, agressive, annoying, or just downright ridiculous

2- A term of endearment for a friend whom you love very much
1-"That skank-ho just poured beer on my weave!"

2-"Hey skank-ho! What's up?"
by Lady Keats September 09, 2009
"Any chick that is after my man is Skank Ho. And i'll cut the bitch!"
"Any chick that is after my man is Skank Ho. And i'll cut the bitch!"
by gazocomic October 14, 2009
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