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ashlee simpson, paris hilton, milli vanilli
that douche bag was lip-syncing on SNL
by koolkas August 11, 2006
a form a of torture by forcing people to listen to real fucked up songs like "stars are blind"
that douche bag kevin federline AKA "K-Fed" is screwing us all paris hilton style
by koolkas August 11, 2006
C.E.O. and Chairman of Chrysler also the spokesperson in the new ads...he's a real person.
If you take away Dr. Z's glasses and replace them with a monocle, he looks like the monopoly guy.
by koolkas August 11, 2006
-Not the TV show
-term for masturbation (thats what i call it. bitch)
hmmmmm...lemme think.....party of five.....
by koolkas August 11, 2006
someone who sleeps around a lot and is unappologetic for their actions like singing a song like "stars are blind"
...but i would do her
that skank ho Paris has a turd face
by koolkas August 11, 2006

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