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jamaican pop music born in kingston in the 1950's, a mixture of soul, r&b, country, mento, callipso, and jazz. ska had 3 waves, traditional, 2 tone, and turd wave... ska paved the way for other generes such as rocksteady (65-68), reggae (68-75), dub (75-ect.)
ska paved the way for reggae and the rest of the music that sounds like it
by LAdhRUDEBOY September 22, 2003
It came from Jamaica, and has gone through many stages. But it's summed up as good, honest music to dance (SKANK) to.

It is one of the most diverse genres, going from dreadlock-ed colored guys singing about Jah to grinning smartass punk rockers.

People that listen to ska are often happy, witty, and open-minded
"ska? ghey sir lol" - sc3n3 girl

The Specials, Less Than Jake, Operation Ivy, etc
by xcaptainmetalx July 24, 2009
The greatest type of music ever, why listen to lame music when you can listen to ska. Extreme upbeatness, horns and checkered awsomeness. All other music dwindles in the shadow of ska.
ska kid: man do I love ska.
gangster kid: yo fuck dat shit man
ska kid: if you only knew
by a-manster June 03, 2006
An awesome feel good type of music that everyone loves. It makes you want to skank all over the place. It always reminds me of the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game for N64.
"Police Truck" by the Dead Kennedys is a great ska song.

Bands like Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and Catch 22 are popular in the ska scene today.
by coryr185 October 24, 2008
an overlooked genre of music. often consisting of horns and guitars, and reggae-like sound.
Catch 22
Less than Jake
Reel Big Fish
Mad Caddies
Mustard Plug
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
A term commonly referred to by second semester seniors, meaning "Seniors Kick Ass." Typically used during both good and bad nights, usually comes during a string of profanities.
Oh shit, my ID got taken up. SKA bitch, blow me!!
by LooshMaGoosh January 03, 2010
Internet incognito for someone you shouldn't know. A skas is someone who is usually terrible at games but gets a sheer amount of luck and start to destroy everything around him. A Skas gets over-excited and ragequits a lot.
by Skas April 12, 2011