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1. A recently broken up Christian Ska band.

2. When you use a five iron to inflict damage on people and/or personal property.
Me and Joel had a Five Iron Frenzy at the driving range the other day.
by Tim_Dayton November 16, 2004
Wicked awesome Christian Ska band. Often very upbeat songs with interesting lyrics. Threw in the towel recently after recording their last CD ever, "The End is Near."

If you're a Ska fan and don't abhor references to God in their songs, you better buy their CD's.
"FIF is having a concert in town. My friend Beck's organizing it."
by [:amalga] August 14, 2004
An awesome Christian Ska/Punk band. Their songs are super funny, not too much of that moaning about your freaking girlfriend crap, it's great. Their Cds include:
Our Newest Album-Ever!
The End is Here
The End Is Near
Upbeats and Beatdowns
Quantity is Job 1 and many more. If you haven't heard them, you don't know what you're missing.(besides your comb).
Five iron frenzy is the freaking best band ever!
by pineapple_babe March 07, 2005
the only band that matters, see skacore
Five Iron Frenzy's fans are the envy of almost every band today. They command loyalty and passion that few bands today see with their own followers.
by John October 25, 2003
a ska punk band that hails from Denver, CO. That have some of the most dedicated fans. However, they sadly live only in our hearts now.
no comparrison
by Heather the Guy December 11, 2003
The greatest band ever. of any genre of music. their songs are funny and sad and they sing about just about everything that normal teenagers go through. their tunes are catchy and make you want to skank like there's no tomorrow!
five iron frenzy kicks every other band's ass!!!
by groundrunner June 02, 2004
A recently broken up Christian ska band. Despite the fact that they are Christian there are only a handful of songs about god. Most of the time their songs will just include a few references to god. Most of the time they manage to sing about problems with society and some of the bad things committed in the name of god. Pretty much 95% of their songs are upbeat and they love to make fun of themselves.
I wish I could have gone to see a Five Iron Frenzy show. At least there's Roper.
by F1v3 1r0n F4n March 08, 2006
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