ska is this amazing type of music, that everyone loves, except for all you emo pubes, but tbf i know one guy who's emo, who LOVES ska and his name his chris and he's uber cool
we all love chris, who loves ska, quite possibly the best gift given to this earth
by millicent dewey January 23, 2005
The word you use when you simply have no words.
Teen: We can be perfectly imperfect... together.
Teen 2: You... Just... Ska!
by Kurt'sBlaine April 06, 2013
Cool, awesome, amazing
dude, that's so ska!
by indubidably June 04, 2010
an abbreviation for being sketchy
"That guy is so ska."
by twinnn December 07, 2009
shortened form of sick as :)

say it sick as real fast..
it all makes sense
mann..that was skas!
Reply: your face is skas.
Your mum's face is skas! MILF! pwned.
by Hana_114 May 05, 2008
Music to skank too.
How To Skank:
1) Swing Your Arm from left to right to the beat of the music
2) Kick Your foot out (usually the foot of the opposite side of which your arms swing)
3) Always look down at your feet to make sure your doing it right!
4) Do for hours
I love to Skank at a show!
by Hadurg August 21, 2006
The musical choice of white American progressives.
She dances frenetically to ska to show her solidarity with the underserved, disenfranchised populations of the planet.
by ReggaeIsTooMainstreamForThem March 14, 2009

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