bloody frickin' crazy!
those american gentlemen in the lolly were all sixes and sevens about their mouth ulcers!
by joe March 05, 2005
Top Definition
Three possible definitions:
1) chaotic & confused (Old English saying)

2) the best musical group you've ever heard, blending classical virtuosity with contemporary rock and jazz rhythms. Often found in New York City.

3) a type of solitaire played with a 52-count deck of cards
It was sixes and sevens before the Sixes and Sevens concert, so I decided to chill out and play sixes and sevens.
#saying #solitaire #game #band #music
by Brendie December 12, 2006
A British slang term for being crazy.
"Oy, did you see that bloody stunt car driver go up in flames? He must be sixes and sevens man!"
by Omega March 05, 2005
Sixes and sevens: describes a feeling of disconcertedness, willy-wonkyness, off-kilterness, a look of disshevelment, or a confused state of mind, befuttered and betwixed.
That girl is all sixes and sevens with that outfit.
#british #6's and 7's #mixed-up #confused #wack
by YourHoldingTheTail December 13, 2010
Reference to Biblical numerology.
Sixes - for the domain of Hell, the number of the beast and Sevens - for Heaven.
He was all Sixes and Sevens over what to do with his lottery winnings.
#at a loss #befuddled #gone #out to lunch #misled
by Auditioner June 18, 2009
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