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A word that can mean anything (and that means ANYTHING) you would like
You can use it to be nice, so as not to insuult those close to you.
Friend: How do these jeans look on me? I love them.
You: (pleasantly) SO barbchop! (in this case barbchop means bad)

OR EVIL, if you would not like to get in trouble to insult those who pester you.
You: (to some tag along nitwit who thinks they're your friend) You are the most barbchopping person I have ever met! I don't think it would be possible for you to be more barbchop!
(in this case, barbchop means "ridiculously crap" or similar.)
by Bricheese March 23, 2009
British slang for trouble, more typically used by girls
Oy, if we get caught knock-and-dodging we'll be in MAJOR troubs!
by Bricheese September 06, 2009
The act of pressing *-6-7 before dialing a number, to remain anonymous in caller display.
Guy:Hey, guys, let's prank call someone!
Girl:Dont forget to star-six-seven, so we won't get in trouble!
Girl:Star-six-sevening is how you don't show up on caller display, that gets a lot of people tagged for prank calls
by Bricheese September 06, 2009
Synonym for "alot"
Oh my god that hurt a heckload
Oh, sure, that makes a heckload of difference
by Bricheese March 24, 2009

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