The rubbing together of two tennis rackets after scoring a point in doubles tennis.
1. Yes! We scored a point! SITHER! *Rub tennis rackets together*
2. You missed the ball! Oh, well! You tried. SITHER! Once again, *rub tennis rackets together*
NOTE:May be followed by pinching of the girdle.
by horsefeathers90 November 08, 2005
Top Definition
"SITHIE" also "Sither" which derives from, "See thee hither", (Come here)...) Is a Yorkshire and Lancashire term which can contextually mean either, "See thee", or "Hey, you!" *Sither*.
Sithi/ SITHER: Examples include, "Eyup sithi, am off art terneet. Is tha comin?" (Hey you. I am going out tonight. Are you coming too?) And, "Sithi lerter ode cocker!" (See you later my friend.)
by Spillage71 May 19, 2016
Ignited, sithering, heated situation
Unusual relationship causes sither or flare in temperament.
by Hercolena Oliver April 20, 2009
A nickname for Sister.
My sither lives in Chicago.
by Pa-nay October 06, 2006
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