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6 definitions by kitschicat

Intelligent folks who come from fields such as technology, engineering, and science, with an interest in sci-fi and other "nerdy" pursuits who have moved to the country and taken up homesteading and farming. It is not unusual to find them rototilling while donning BDU's, or wearing shirts featuring Jayne Cobb from Firefly to tend to their goats.
We have a herd of goats and a T1 line running to our house. We fit the definition of nerdbilly.
by kitschicat May 17, 2010
8 3
A polite euphemism for "dicked," used to describe undesirable or unacceptable things or situations.
"The way that truck rental company treated Ashley was particularly richardized."
by kitschicat March 04, 2009
9 4
A problem suffered by women on farms after unloading a large amount of hay bales from a vehicle to the barn. Small flakes of hay fall into one's bra and stick there, causing annoyance and the need to do a shakedown of the bra and breastal area.
"Hayboob is something all farmgirls dread. It itches like crazy."
by kitschicat May 13, 2011
4 3
The sister of one's spouse who acts in a purely selfish and ultimately evil fashion, working to create strife within a family to their own ends, whether emotional manipulation, financial gains, or perhaps both. She has the same motives and machinations as the Sith, or Evil Jedi, from the Star Wars galaxy.
"I found out my sither-in-law has been actively seeking to turn family members against my husband and I, hoping that it will somehow result in her getting a larger inheritance."
by kitschicat August 29, 2012
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The state of being enamored with an MMORPG non-player character, particularly romance-able NPC's.
"I can't wait to log in to Star Wars: The Old Republic to see if Corso Riggs has anything flirty to say to my smuggler character! What can I say, I've got the Toon Swoon for him."
by kitschicat March 04, 2012
1 3
Euphemism for what happens when you drink too much Guinness, Tullamore Dew, or other Irish whiskey.

"I had too many bloody pints last night and I was up in the loo doing Irish Aerobics all fucking night, oy!"
by kitschicat March 04, 2009
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