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Old Yorkshire and Newcastle (UK)...term for a person who is unemployed and claiming benefits. Originates from the fact that poor people couldn't afford bread, so made alternatively cheaper "Pan Crackers".
They are on the pan crack.
Loads of pan crackers living round here!
Scrounging pancrackers!

Pan crack corner!
#pan crack #scrounging #dole #unemployed #poor #yorkshire #uk #newcastle
by Spillage71 January 01, 2013
"SITHIE" also "Sither" which derives from, "See thee hither", (Come here)...) Is a Yorkshire and Lancashire term which can contextually mean either, "See thee", or "Hey, you!" *Sither*.
Sithi/ SITHER: Examples include, "Eyup sithi, am off art terneet. Is tha comin?" (Hey you. I am going out tonight. Are you coming too?) And, "Sithi lerter ode cocker!" (See you later my friend.)
by Spillage71 May 19, 2016
An approach to sex and human sexuality that embraces the full benefits of sexual interraction as healthy and uplifting, based upon the premise that sexual expression is good and healthy and that societal repression or control of the individual's sex-drive is bad and unhealthy.
Sex Positive people advocate comprehensive sex education, because even in a free-sex utopia one must still be wary of sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
#sex positive #promiscuous #sex #intercourse #shagging
by Spillage71 February 19, 2015
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