Screwed In The Head.
I made it up when i was 14, seemed cool at the time, until i realised it was something out of Star Wars. :\ But its got nothing to do with Star Wars :)
by Sithellaneous April 28, 2005
A gaggle of Star Wars fags.
Man, look at those assclowns! What we have here is a good old fashion Sith!
by RR Reports May 12, 2005
Sith are gay. Simple. GAY!! They like it up the arse, mostly from Palpatine the Poofter, and spend most of their time jacking off over the idea that they could go back to being Jedi. Jedi are cool; champions like Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn.
The only cool Sith are Darth Vader and Exar Kun!! These blokes R0CXOR3Z!!
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