When someone acts so awesome that it's wicked.
Jack: "Did you see that guy roll the music teacher down the stairs in her wheelchair?"

Vito: "That was totally the Sith"
by Jackson McMidnite August 20, 2008
Greasy little freaks that hide pickles in the sky
John: where did all the pickles go
Jeff: the fuckin sith probably hid them in the sky
by Mike hawk June 11, 2012
A dumbass girl who is trying to be "badass" since Sith comes from the Dark Side in Star wars
Sidenote: Usually people who call themselves as Sith, really are not cool.
Q: Who is Lady Sith?
A: A dumb ass cunt who is trying to be badass.
by bblunts September 21, 2010
Despite what some idiots may think, a Sith is not a Dark Jedi. Known Sith lords include Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Darth Tyrannus(Count Dooku).
LOL! Sith lords pwn j00 stupid faggots! gg n00bz
by Elite November 20, 2003
1) A deceitful, promiscuous human female.
2) A pretentious, stuck-up bitch.
3) A woman in favor of murdering babies.
"That slut walked right by me and acted like she didn't notice me."
"Yeah, she's a total sith."

"That sith lord is a complete sloot."

"I bet that sith just sits around murdering babies all day."
by dj flashypants January 27, 2007
despite what some ppl might think sith are not dark jedi. even vader and palpatine were not sith. sith were acctually a species around 15,000 years before the movies. the others are not sith but followers of an idol.
vader was a follower of an idol like those idiots on american idol.
by Mega Mike December 29, 2004
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