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short for situation, like in "sitch-e-ation"
What's the sitch?
We need to figure this sitch out.
by sexypizza January 27, 2003
292 138
Abbreviated form of Siciliano, also an insulting synonym sor dishonesty or moochiness.
I can't believe that signora Caccese took all the mints from the bowl, whadda Sitch move!
by primazenobi July 10, 2008
101 73
(noun) Abbreviation for 'situation'
Dude, did you and Kelly get into a fight or something? I am SO Columbus on this whole sitch...
by Henry VIII August 16, 2005
86 89
A situation or predicament.
I got myself into a really bad sitch with that phone call.
by Martin Peck March 28, 2008
57 73
A insult created by the combination of bitch and slut, also known as a slutty bitch.
your mom is a sitch
by slfkslakrjkfn April 03, 2011
11 39
whats the sitch?
by GODFREY! March 08, 2009
32 60
Universal word for being cool
You are sitch

Nikki is sitch

That food was sitch
by M&Nhaha October 17, 2010
11 42