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the in-between state of being sober and being tipsy.
Doug: hey bro, you should drink up, you're completely sober
Evan: nah dude, I'm good right now. Feeling mad sipsy
by RonnieBoy November 20, 2008
8 2
Not even tipsy.
Yo, why is Jon bein' such a fuckin' stiff?

Just wait, dude! He's sipsy yet.
by troutasight November 28, 2008
8 7
High Class Tipsy. In the sense that you don't guzzle down fine spirits, you would rather sip them down.
Guy 1: "Let's hit up the Cheesecake Factory"
Guy 2: "Errbody in the place gettin' sipsy"
Guy 1: "Errbody in the place gettin' sipsy"
by Doctor Felay.......sheeo April 29, 2012
0 0
A word suggesting mutual affection. Abbreviated from of "reciprocation"
I like you. I like you too. Sipsys?
by Diedrich von Octuberstein April 23, 2008
1 3