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the in-between state of being sober and being tipsy.
Doug: hey bro, you should drink up, you're completely sober
Evan: nah dude, I'm good right now. Feeling mad sipsy
by RonnieBoy November 20, 2008
Not even tipsy.
Yo, why is Jon bein' such a fuckin' stiff?

Just wait, dude! He's sipsy yet.
by troutasight November 28, 2008
High Class Tipsy. In the sense that you don't guzzle down fine spirits, you would rather sip them down.
Guy 1: "Let's hit up the Cheesecake Factory"
Guy 2: "Errbody in the place gettin' sipsy"
Guy 1: "Errbody in the place gettin' sipsy"
by Doctor Felay.......sheeo April 29, 2012
A word suggesting mutual affection. Abbreviated from of "reciprocation"
I like you. I like you too. Sipsys?
by Diedrich von Octuberstein April 23, 2008

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