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1. A large urban area, with many buildings are people. An area with over 100,000 people is called a city.
2. Occuring in, or relating to a large urban area, as in city streets.
3. A large quantity of something. usually used in the expression "It's X city (in here).
For example It's snow city would mean there's a lot of snow
Philadelphia is a large city.
It's garbage city in here! Look at all the trash!
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012
1. Excrement. Also known as poop, crap, etc.
Don't step in the pile of dog doo.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012
1. Indicates that something is one, as opposed to two or more. Contrasts with double, triple.
2. Not currently in a relationship

1. Something that is only one, as opposed to two or more.
2. A person who is not currently in a relationship.
3. A room, as in a college, for one person.
4. The standard, 4-panel mode in DDR.


1. To isolate. Used in the expression "to single out."
I'll have a single scoop of ice cream.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012
1. To collide with something, like running your car into a wall.
2. To stop functioning due to an error. usually describes computers or computer programs.
3. To stay somewhere for a short period of time (can I crash here for the night?)
4. The main character in the Crash Bandicoot series of video games.
5. To come down off a high, either sugar or drugs.
I crashed my car into a wall. My slow old computer crashed again.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012
1. Broken, not functioning.
2. To be caught doing something, to get arrested.
3. Broke. having no money
4. ugly
My radio is busted. Don't steal that or you'll get busted.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012

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