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A badass hard rock band from Yelm, Washington. Consists of singer James, lead guitarist Jake, Rhythm guitarist Tyler, bass Cody, and drums Colin. They are quickly developing a devoted fanbase in the south Puget Sound area, and are looking to expand soon. Keep an ear out for this upcoming band!
Awesome Person: Man, I just got back from the Silver Bullet show in downtown Oly tonight.

Soon-to-be Awesome Person: Who are Silver Bullet?

Awesome Person: Awwww man! You gotta check these guys out!

Now-Awesome Person 2: Dude! These guys are badass!!!
by RavenWingDude January 19, 2011
When a man ejaculates so fast that his semen hits the women with such force that it leaves a bruise.
Georges girlfriend has a million bruises from his silver bullets.
by BustANut222 April 09, 2009
The art of smoking hash or honey oil off tin foil by first making sure to burn the foil then putting oil on the foil taking a rolled up bill or pen tube and inhaling the smoke as you light underneath the foil where the oil is located this is also the stoner version of chasing the dragon.
Hey you fag get the foil I just made some honey oil lets do some silver bullets
by lantern420 February 10, 2009
a 99' silver ford taurus that drives at max speed constantly
The silver bullet shot past me on the freeway.
by loverofgreg333 January 12, 2007
An alcoholic beverage served in bars, consisting of a mix of Gin, and Kummel with Lemmon juice. Also known to have whiskey in it.
Waitor, I'll have a silver bullet.
by BrianP November 26, 2006
someone who has requested to have a friend and/or relative sleep with his/her spouse in order to make up an excuse to dump/divorce there spouse
Nick! c'mon be a pal and take the silver bullet for the team.
by 0003625 September 29, 2006
A car, usually grey or silver, used to smoke weed in ("fishbowl") and transport liqour.
Let's jump in the silver bullet and go fishbowl in the industrial district!
by Mr. X and Mike November 09, 2003