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The first act of brown bagging involves your partner to have coarse diaheria on the bed. Once the deed is complete you will dip you genitals into the pile of feces. After you have completed the smearing of shit on your ball bag, you proceed to tea bag her. Now that shes full of shit, you turn her face down and smear her face on the shitty bed sheets.
My dad loves being brown bagged!
#brown bag #shit mouth #shit tea bag #shit sheet #brown sack
by ifucksluts March 30, 2008
Pushing a can of Coors light into a females vagina. Pouring a half can of Coors light into her vagina and the rest in her ass and have her fart the foamy remains all over your cock while you fuck her. (Please note: you choose which end.)
My bitch took the silver bullet last night.
#silver bullet #silva bullet #coors #coors light #fart coors
by ifucksluts March 29, 2008
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