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A beautiful balanced creature of masculinity and femininity. Existing as two in one. Alauna is spectacular specimen of humor, good nature, love, and wonder. Has a gift for making up words and music. Dark features, with brown eyes that un-stitch the soul. Poetry in motion. A rare, exquisite gemstone. A genuine person with a heart of gold.
She is a complete Alauna...
He is an Alauna that stirs my soul...
by defiantcliche April 16, 2014
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1.A skinny purple girl or guy. Mistaken for Barney sometimes. Often in a wheel chair and makes out with other girls/guys. most are bisexual

2.A big piece of shit!
1. Did you see that purple girl!
Yea i think her names Alauna

2.Holy shit!
I just took an Alauna
by babababababaha November 30, 2009

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