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Per an application (Naughty Gifts) on the facebook: a "Sheep I'd Like to Fuck"
On Brokeback Mountain, Jack's ass was not the only thing that Ennis lusted for. There were a multitude of SILFs to deflower and so Ennis brought a new "silence" to the lambs.
by theportangel June 12, 2008
0 5
sheep i'd like to fuck
pratshan: wow look, a pink SILF i've never seen one of those before
frankesky: bugger off you butters minger. UGLYYYYY. mmmm that is a nice SILF though =]
by natttt =] December 11, 2007
5 10
Sheep I'd like to fuck
lonely farmer: damn look at that SILF
sheep: baaaaaah
by cnicolek September 05, 2007
9 15
Skull I'd like to fuck
Paris Hilton is such a SILF!
by persnickety twit January 14, 2005
30 46
Taylor Moad, Jeff's sister
Taylor Moad is a SILF
by Greg February 16, 2005
23 42
son i'd like to fuck
look at that silf with his parents, wearing the letterman's jacket
by faye stevens April 02, 2006
16 39
"Son I'd like to fuck". milf dilf
Did you see the SILF wearing the letter jacket with his mom and dad at the restaurant?
by Steven Faye March 07, 2006
21 45