Swimmer I'd like to fuck
Amanda Beard
I heard Amanda's posing nude in Playboy, what a SILF!!!
by Rich Vaccaro June 20, 2007
Per an application (Naughty Gifts) on the facebook: a "Sheep I'd Like to Fuck"
On Brokeback Mountain, Jack's ass was not the only thing that Ennis lusted for. There were a multitude of SILFs to deflower and so Ennis brought a new "silence" to the lambs.
by theportangel June 12, 2008
sheep i'd like to fuck
pratshan: wow look, a pink SILF i've never seen one of those before
frankesky: bugger off you butters minger. UGLYYYYY. mmmm that is a nice SILF though =]
by natttt =] December 11, 2007
Sheep I'd like to fuck
lonely farmer: damn look at that SILF
sheep: baaaaaah
by cnicolek September 05, 2007
Skull I'd like to fuck
Paris Hilton is such a SILF!
by persnickety twit January 14, 2005
Taylor Moad, Jeff's sister
Taylor Moad is a SILF
by Greg February 16, 2005
son i'd like to fuck
look at that silf with his parents, wearing the letterman's jacket
by faye stevens April 02, 2006

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