Scholar I'd Like to Fuck
Chuck: "Hey bro, have you googled Nina Hachigian? She is such a SILF!"
by Charlwagle February 09, 2009
S.I.L.F. Son I'd Like To Fuck.
Mother - "George, isn't our handsome son developing into such a SILF?"

Father - "I have a SILF and I'd like to stick my fat cock into his eager son-ass and ride him hard all night."
by Architect of Desire May 14, 2008
Substitute I'd Like (to) Fuck
Johhny: "Did you see that math substitute today?"

Mark: "Yea, dude, she's a total SILF!"
by jjobin@99 February 13, 2011
Skinhead id like (to) fuck x x x
Blondie: babe look---SILF!!
Brunette: no babe not for me
Blondie:fook off id do him anyday!
by lolarainbow September 26, 2010
When your sister wants you to fuck her. In most cases, brothers ask their sisters. But that's probably the only thing that sibs can agree on...
sex love sisters brothers ass yummy tits penis dick vagina seducer
Sister: Bro, come here for a sec...

Brother: What?

Sister: (strips off clothing)

And they lived happily ever after..
But she's a guy stealing SILF!
by The Girl Who Kicked Thru Iron August 21, 2010
S.I.L.F - An acronym for sim I'd like to fuck.
"Hey dude check out this sim i just created!"
"Oh yea! She is a real SILF!"
by macassa July 06, 2009
Smurf I'd like to fuck.
"Hey Partel, see that fit smurf over there?"
"oh yeah that's a real silf"
by smurfdoctor May 28, 2009

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