When you have a fear of chalk or cannot touch anything with a "chalky" feel like teachers chalk, sidewalk chalk, blackboards, chalkboard erasers or even books that seem to have a "chalky" residue on them. Also, when you cut your finger nails and you cannot touch anything for a certain period of time because your fingers are too sensitive so to say. You may feel "sifty" or have "siftiness" if:
1. you cringe when you touch chalk or chalkboards
2. you cannot touch anything for a certyain period of time after cutting your nails
3. have a larger reaction than most other people when the chalk or chalkboard squeaks
4. if while you were reading this you cringed at anytime

Disclaimer: If you have "siftiness" or ever feel "sifty" please join our cause and ask for a small dry eraseboard from your teacher when you are asked to write on the board so that you do not cause a "sifty" reaction to chalk.
He wrote on the chalkboard with chalk and immediately felt sifty.
by JAN JAN THE DANCING MAN February 08, 2008
Top Definition
Dodgy, shifty, suspect. Or as a verb: to lurk in a public place ie a bar or club.
Man, that dude at the bar looks really sifty.
Check out that dude sifting in the corner.
by Gibbonsausage May 16, 2004
A very dodgy person indeed. The kind of person who lurks in backgrounds, dodgy eyes, the works...
Look at that sifty bastard over there
by MattyP April 18, 2005
Originating in Wanganui Collegiate School, the alternate slang meaning of sifty is: easy, doesn't take much effort to do, or relaxed
That test was pretty sifty..

I've had a pretty sifty day today
by Alyse-L November 29, 2007
Casual, gentle pace.

Used by NZ mountain bikers to describe the pace of a ride that is not aggressive or fast.
Any Tauranga riders into sifty night rides?

C. will be taking a sifty women's pre-ride of the Mt. Vic course this Sunday afternoon.
by ClemNobody November 26, 2008
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