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carbonated beverage that sounds like a stripper name.
up next on the pole we have sierra mist... she will be dancing to Whitesnake's "here i go again"
by JenThe80'sFan February 03, 2004
When a male ejaculates into the anus of a women only to urinate directly afterwards into her anus. Thus she recieves the lemon and the lime. He will then flip her over and say "Now isn't that refreshing".
I heard James Sierra Misted his girl the other day.
by The Great Hunter S. Thompson June 22, 2005
A shockingly refreshing, carbonated, caffeine free soft drink. It is all around better than 7up, Sprite, and Mountain Dew.
Sierra Mist is by far one of the best beverages ever created.
by cardinal_fan October 12, 2004
Noun. Sierra Mist, a shockingly refreshing aphrodisiac.
Verb. The act of pouring Sierra mist all over someone's body in a very sexual manner.
Yo I had this bitch over at my house and i grabbed a 12 pack of Sierra Mist, and i told her to grab her ankles while i sierra misted her all night long.
by Movie Producer Zack February 21, 2007
its like the girl sierra refreshing, good,and sexy like the curves on the bottle and like bein in bed wif her
damn, that girl sierra so sexy she look like a 20 oz sierra mist bottle.
by nina March 27, 2005
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